“Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads.”

~ Herman Melville

The Campfire Foundation was created in 2000 to provide a profound impact on a young person’s character. Since that time, the foundation has awarded over 3,000 scholarships and more than $400,000.

Administered by volunteers and reaching families across Blaine County, a great deal of good has been done and thousands of children have been provided with remarkable extracurricular experiences.

As the Campfire Foundation enters into its next chapter, we aspire to learn, adapt, share, and grow together. The foundation hopes to become much more intentional about creating ‘lifelong learners’ who leverage the technologies available with passion and purpose. We want to know, “What can you do with what you know?”


Mail: The Campfire Foundation, PO Box 2724, Boise, Idaho 83701

email: campfirefoundation@gmail.com

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