Scholarship Grants

The Campfire Foundation’s Blaine County Scholarship Application deadline:

April 15th – Grant notification by May 1st. This is our single application deadline for the year.

If you missed the application deadline, please contact the foundation’s office before submitting an online scholarship application.

Blaine County Scholarship Criteria:

1. Any funds awarded by the Campfire Foundation will be restricted to your organization’s scholarship/financial aid fund and cannot be used for other purposes without prior written permission from the foundation.

2. The funds will be used to support participants from Blaine County, Idaho who are between the grades of Kindergarten and twelve.

3. The programs supported by the foundation’s funds must be extracurricular in nature. The foundation’s funds must be limited to underwrite tuition or registration fees. The foundation does not fund school tuition, day care, ski passes, or therapeutic boarding schools. Funding for equipment or travel must be cleared in advance with the foundation.

4. Any scholarship funds awarded must be fully exhausted in the 12 months following the award period.

5. The scholarship funds should be distributed to participants enrolled in your organization who demonstrate one or more of the following: economic need, emotional need, enthusiasm. Funds should be prioritized for participants whose character will be profoundly impacted by attending your organization.

6. Partial scholarships are highly encouraged by the foundation, with a preference for distribution among more participants than fewer.

7. Your organization will submit an ‘End of Grant Report’ form (enclosed in the awarding letter) at the end of the scholarship period.

8. The maximum available scholarship award is $5,000 (our average scholarship grant is $1,000). The foundation will review its historical support of your organization and its impact.


End of Grant Form   following your grant approval, please print the pdf below.

End of Grant Report[1] copy

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